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Award-Winning Nurse Focuses on Improving Patient Health

Smoking and tobacco cessation program creates healthier lifestyles

Congratulations to Dorothy Kieffer, RRT, the recipient of the annual Outstanding Health Educator Award at Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell. This award recognizes those who go above and beyond in delivering excellence in health care education. As a certified tobacco dependence counselor, pulmonary navigator, and registered respiratory therapist, Dorothy is passionate about educating the populations we serve to improve their overall health.

In 2021, Dorothy led the development and launch of, “Quit Smoking” — a smoking and nicotine cessation program — in collaboration with the leaders from the Cancer Center, Lung Center of Excellence, Lung Nodule Clinic, and Respiratory Therapy Department. The program’s success is attributable to Dorothy’s commitment to serving others. The program follows clinical-based guidelines in providing specialized treatment for tobacco and nicotine dependence and offers group counseling sessions that meet weekly.

Dorothy attributes the program’s success to the support groups and physician participation in educating members on different aspects of addiction. “When you understand the body-brain-chemical connection that leads to addiction, breakthroughs begin to happen,” said Dorothy. “The program design of integrating medical professionals and participants creates a powerful dynamic that enables participants to shift their mindset and identify tactics to overcome behaviors specific to them.”

The Quit Smoking program is open to the public, and participants do not have to be a Capital Health patient. Through a philanthropic grant, there is no cost to participate. Congratulations to Dorothy on her leadership and award!

For information on our Quit Smoking program, contact 1.844.303.5864.