Survivorship Program

Your future is bright.

Who is a cancer survivor?

Any individual who has been diagnosed with cancer. There are more than 11 million cancer survivors living in the United States today.

What is the cancer survivorship program?

After you have completed treatment, our goal is to get you back to the life you lived before diagnosis. Capital Health is here to assist with that transition.

Your program coordinator will review your medical record with your medical team to develop a survivorship care plan for you. The plan will include individualized goals and recommendations (including available resources) to assist you after your treatment. The coordinator will then work with you to review and revise these goals as needed.

You will also receive a treatment summary report of your cancer diagnosis, staging, treatment received and any diagnostic testing. Your survivorship care plan will include information regarding follow-up care, nutrition, exercise and supportive services to help optimize your health in the years following cancer treatment.

And of course, your plan can be shared with your other health care providers to improve the coordination of ongoing medical care.