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Nature and Art as Part of the Healing Process

Grounds For Sculpture and Capital Health have long recognized the transformative potential of nature and art in healing. At the 2nd Annual Capital Health Cancer Center Conference, Gary Garrido Schneider, Executive Director of Grounds For Sculpture, spoke about this shared philosophy and how Grounds For Sculpture contributes to the well-being of the greater community.

Capital Health’s relationship with Grounds For Sculpture predates the 2011 opening of Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell, going back to when the organizations collaborated on how to integrate nature and art into the building’s design. To this day, patients, families, and caregivers at Hopewell continue to enjoy the thoughtful art installations and sculptures from Grounds For Sculpture.

Grounds For Sculpture’s 42-acre park is equally as stunning. Located in Hamilton, New Jersey, it focuses on discovery and immersive experiences. It boasts miles of walking paths, an arboretum and museum, over 300 sculptures by well-known and emerging contemporary artists, indoor galleries, rotating exhibitions, and educational and wellness programs.

Grounds For Sculpture understands the role of nature in improving health outcomes physically and mentally — particularly for cancer patients who may encounter increased levels of stress and anxiety. For the immunocompromised, their expansive outdoor landscapes provide a safe, welcoming environment.

Visitors find themselves immersed in multi-sensory experiences — from the sounds heard at the many ponds to the scent of freshly cut grass. Mother nature promises a unique, ever-changing experience as sunrises become sunsets, new blooms appear, and seasons change.

It is the individual stories of connection that resonate most with Gary Garrido Schneider. “A gentleman diagnosed with cancer and his wife visited the Grounds For Sculpture before and after his treatments. It was something they looked forward to doing during a challenging year and provided a welcome respite. Some visits were shorter, and some were longer depending on how well he felt, but each was therapeutic. The true gifts were deeper connections, not only with nature but with one another.”

Electric convenience vehicles, wheelchair rentals, and tram tours ensure access — to accommodate one’s physical ability. Also offered are exercise walks, socials, meditation, tai chi, yoga, and educational and wellness programs. Showcasing unique ceramic vessels incorporating traditional design, graffiti, and portraiture, is a newly opened exhibition: Roberto Lugo: The Village Potter.

For more information on the Grounds For Sculpture, call 609.586.0616 or click here.