Capital Health’s NCORP Site

A National Reputation in Advanced Cancer Care Research

Being a NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) affiliate site here at Capital Health, as well as a site of the Atlantic Health Cancer Consortium, enables us to further fulfill our mission of serving urban and suburban communities in and around Mercer County with the highest quality of care available. More specifically, it gives patients of our Cancer Center access to clinical trials and treatment delivery studies that are available at top institutions around the world, bringing the latest state-of-the-art treatments to patients right here in New Jersey.

Well-known as the leading organization in our nation’s cancer research effort, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) partners bring cancer trials and care delivery studies to people in their communities – which facilitates the introduction of research advances into practices for those in need.

As an NCORP site, our staff of cancer experts will help patients gain access to clinical trials across a broad range of cancer care benchmarks, including symptom management, prevention, screening, and quality of life. By doing so, our Cancer Center will offer our patients access to a higher level of cancer care  – one that considers the diversity of patient populations, allowing our team of experienced medical experts to provide better, more personalized care to the patients who trust us to guide them through their cancer journey.

 To learn more about active clinical trials at Capital Health Cancer Center, click here.

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