Ex-Vivo Liver Resection with Liver Auto-Transplant

What is it?

Patients diagnosed with multiple liver masses who are not candidates for traditional surgery may be eligible for ex-vivo liver resection with liver auto-transplant.

In this procedure, the liver is actually removed from the body, after which the surgeons remove the masses. When they are done, they reconstruct the liver vasculature (that is, the liver’s blood vessels), and then transplant a portion of the liver back into the patient’s body.

This approach provides surgeons with better access to the masses increasing their ability do a complete resection of them.

What does a pathologist do? What are the different types of pathology?

In simplest terms, a pathologist studies disease. He or she will do this by examining bodies and body tissues, performing lab tests, and consulting with other healthcare professionals to develop diagnoses and treatments for patients.