Robotic Center of Excellence

Categorical Excellence in Robotic Surgery

In August of 2020, Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell was designated a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), a patient safety organization that provides accreditations for surgical facilities and medical professionals worldwide.

In order to qualify for this accreditation, Capital Health had to meet rigorous criteria in several areas, including:

  • An institutional commitment to excellence
  • Experience in performing specific robotic-assisted surgeries and procedures such as:
  • Robotic-assisted Whipple procedure
  • Robotic-assisted distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy
  • da Vinci® partial nephrectomy and pyeloplasty
  • da Vinci® hysterectomy
  • da Vinci® prostatectomy
  • A comprehensive suite of services to meet a range of patient needs
  • A full line of technologically advanced equipment and instruments
  • Dedicated medical professionals who hold board certifications awarded by the “highest certifying authority available”

Recent years have witnessed remarkable advancements in robotic-assisted surgery, elevating precision, improving patient outcomes, and increasing surgeons’ longevity. Our focus on placing you at the center of our treatment has driven our investment in these advanced procedures. Not every hospital can offer them, as they require a significant investment and a level of skill beyond that of many surgeons. We are proud to offer an unprecedented level of robotically-trained surgeons capable of providing these advanced treatments to you.

Robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery leads to fast recovery and less pain for patients facing the long journey of cancer treatment. At Capital Health Cancer Center, we believe that patients come first and our goal is to provide world-class care right here, close to home.